The TechSquare A4 Drawing Board was designed to open the world of technical drawing to a broader audience.

In this age of science and technology, technical skills have never been more in demand but the resources to develop these abilities are not  available in a convenient fashion. With this in mind we wanted to give more people the opportunity to develop their technical skills

Our team have over thirty years of experience in the field of graphics design and we're keen to make an all-in-one product that is both compact and affordable. Video tutorials were also created to allow further learning at home. 

The TechSquare A4 Drawing Board allows children and their parents to develop drawing skills in a technical direction, whether their school offers Technical Graphics or otherwise. From this experience children can discover that they have a talent in this area.  

Using the on-line video tutorials children can learn at their own pace and use the computer in a positive way to take the first steps in self education. These tutorials include easy to follow instructions, thereby developing self-learning and problem solving abilities. While the product was principally designed for teaching younger learners the compact nature of the TechSquare A4 Drawing Board makes it ideal for drawing enthusiasts of any age.